Do we accept or welcome donations? You may ask. Ultimate yes, we do. We accept and encourage individuals to make donations to the works being carried out by the ministry. As you may know the Church isn’t a profit- making organization. As regards this, the church would occasionally depend from time to time on donations from well- meaning individuals who are led by the Holy Spirit to participate in reaching out to those who are in lack and needy around us.

Usually, donations can be given in form of cash, cheque or bank transfer. All you need to do is make a request for the Church’s account number, and you can be sure that your donations will be put to judicious use.

When donations are given, it is important that the giver settles this with himself or herself: Giving is towards the advancement of the Kingdom of God hence it should be done with reverence. This attitude is one that should guide every kingdom donation if you ever seek to be rewarded by God.

As much as we encourage donations, an understanding that only God gives reward for seeds sown or donation made is vital. The Church is here on Earth as God’s ambassadors to keep spreading the love of Christ to everyone—both loving and unloving. Undoubtedly, donations received will go a long way to foster that.

There is no giving to God that goes unrewarded; especially if the motive is right. So we encourage you to be a part of God’s work on earth by donating towards the projects carried out by the Church to ease the sufferings of others.

The gospel of our Lord Jesus will no doubt be hindered without money. We have the sick, jobless, aged, impoverished, hungry, broke etc. amongst us. And one way to preach Christ to them is by being the solution they crave.

Thank you for your donations; you will not miss your reward in Jesus name.