Are you depressed? Are you weary? Or are you facing a challenge that you feel there’s no way out of? Listen: There is no situation that prayer cannot get you out of. Maybe you have been praying about that situation so long, and you haven’t seen any changes, and you have come to accept the Devil’s lie that it is your lot and inheritance, listen again: prayer can get you out of it; you don’t need to give up.

We are a praying Church; one that prays and gets results. So if you don’t mind us joining our faith with yours, kindly feel free to drop your prayer request on that issue, and trust that as we pray together your answer will show up speedily.

You don’t need to fight that battle alone; that is why we are here. Whatever the gravity of your prayer request, just know this: There is no problem God cannot solve. He has always been known to show up in the most hopeless of situations—and yes! He is never late. Will you be ready to cast your care on Him?

There is one thing you should never give up on; that’s prayer. If you aren’t getting answers, it’s either you aren’t doing it rightly, or the answers is delayed for a reason. Whichever the case, you embrace knowledge on prayer and keep at praying.

We would really love to share in your joy of answered prayers, and that’s why we urge you to send in your prayer requests let’s level that seeming everlasting mountain standing before you together.

Testimonies upon testimonies validate our prayer sessions. These testimonies go to show one thing: we know how to get God’s attention through prayers. So before you give up on praying to a God who is more than eager to grant your request, why not send us your prayer request first!