For us, community projects are a life-long project. This is especially so as we live in a Country where most of our rural areas lack the basic necessities of life, and closing our eyes towards their plight would only make us hypocrites to the truth we claim to preach.

Here are some of the projects we have been privileged to undertake, and others we trust to initiate as we are further graced. For us, providing these basic amenities is one way to sell Christ and share our faith convictions with our community.

Pipe Borne Water: In most of our remote communities across the world, access to pure water is an uphill task. Your heart will scream at the rigors little children are obligated to drink untreated water from the well and even the streams that are infected with dirt.

So we have been saddled with a unique privilege to provide clean, treated water for some communities especially in developing countries. We are glad this has saved hundreds from avoidable communicable diseases. That’s why we are a Church, isn’t it? Giving physical and spiritual salvation!

Schools: We trust to start building schools from the foundation up, but we have started taken giants strides in this regard by providing major infrastructures to some schools in our community. This we have done by providing books, chairs, chalks, pencils, pens, tables, etc. This way, we thrive in making the learning environment more conducive for pupils and students alike.

Vocational Training: We organize skill acquisition training for the youths and women in our community so that they can acquire at least one skill that would make them more supportive in their home, which will invariably reduce the dependency ratio of most adults.

Medical Outreach: True, we are a Church, but providing medical outreach to us has been one way to reach out to those who don’t even embrace our teaching on faith and healing. This has been really rewarding, as we have seen tens come to embrace Christ through these outreaches.

Basic Amenities: We also organize outreaches where we give out basic household items and clothing to members of our community. Items like bathing soaps, tooth pastes, rice, beans, tubers of yam, etc. We believe that we need people alive before we can communicate the love of Christ to them.

Hospital & Prison Outreach: From time to time, we visit our local hospital and minister to the sick. Also, paying the hospital bills for some, and donating items as well to hospitals and being a succor to prisoners.

We don’t claim to be there yet. However, these are some of the things we do with the donations we receive. There is still so much to do, and we receive grace for it!