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17 July 2016
posted by Canon Dakin on 03-08-2016

Colossae was a busy little place, its prosperity being built on the textile industry. There was a famous red cloth known as Colossian. The religious scene seems to have been equally lively. We must remember that in Paul’s day Christianity was struggling to take root. It was new on the scene.  It seems that there was a group in Colossae who were taking bits of Christianity and mixing them with both Jewish and pagan ideas for a small intellectual elite to adopt as their mystery religion. St Paul writes to the community there telling them that the only mystery that counts is Christ in you.  I know that our translation has ‘Christ among you‘ but St Paul says plainly and simply Christos en humin which other translations - the Anglican, for instance -  accept in its straightforward meaning ‘Christ in you’. St Paul is following Our Lord himself who said at the Last Supper: ‘As you, Father, are in me and I am in you may they also be in us... so that they may be one as we are one‘. God is sharing with us the unity which makes him God. He makes us divine. He is in us, empowering us, as our soul is in our body. We know that so often we don’t employ the powers of our soul as we should. We fail, for instance, as we say, to put our minds to it,  so we have to gear ourselves to the power of the indwelling God. That means being aware, being conscious of his presence. Not only when we’re at prayer.  The link to God is permanent and extends through the whole of life. When you are playing dodgems with the traffic on a road where cars are parked on both sides, if you are in partnership with Christ you will drive with patience and courtesy and not curse the brash idiot who dares you to come forward.  That is what being a Christian means. A Christian is not simply one who professes to believe in Christ. He is one who lives as he imagines Christ would choose to live. Our Holy Communion means nothing if it doesn’t imply a renewal of this resolution. 

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